Stephen Paul


It’s strange - I find it difficult to write “about me.” however, i’m really talkative. I rarely express myself in writing. Looking from the outside, I’m a regular guy. I don’t look very artistic, I’m 6’2”, 240 lbs (cough). I am a life long athlete who plays ice hockey and officiates soccer. I’m a former Police Officer who loves to chase “bad guys." I am grumpy in the mornings, so my wife tells me. Must. Have. Coffee. My wife and I were married in 2006, on the beach in Mexico. I am the proud father of two, Jax and Kenzie.

There is something about me that you cannot see from the outside...I am a romantic.

Yup, this chubby tough guy is a romantic. However, there is a problem…my wife is not romantic. My kids hate it. So how can I express it? That burning desire to experience and express love.

This is where you come in, you are on my site because you want someone to capture the things-people-events that you love. You are in luck because by default, I love you already.

Somewhere around 10 years ago, a good buddy of mine asked me to take pictures of his wedding. It was scary but also exciting. As someone who is romantic.. I found it fulfilling to capture their love through photography. Since then, I have captured hundreds of weddings, events, families, babies, and sports.

I am an artist at heart, I love to be creative. However, I don’t create the beauty…that is your job. You are the art, I want to capture what you love, because I love it to.




Dana and I met shortly after I moved to Phoenix. The first thing I noticed was her bubbly personality. She is so much fun to be around.

Dana has the biggest heart around and is one of my favorite people.

Dana is a great photographer, but that isn't just why she is on my team. We are both better photographers when we are together. We are the true definition of a team. We may bicker like siblings sometimes, but that is because we are constantly pushing each other to think and shoot differently.


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