In August of 2017, my son started the 3rd grade. For any parent, the start of a new school year is exciting (especially for those of us who work from home). However, it can also be scary. We want our children to succeed and their teacher serves an important role in that success. Before I even met his teacher, I had heard amazing things about her. From the moment I walked into her classroom, I knew there was something special about her. She put in an amazing amount of care and effort into making each child feel welcome. Throughout the school year she regularly kept in contact. Weekly phone calls and sometimes daily emails kept us in the loop. I am convinced she put most of her salary back into the classroom.

When I heard a local business, The Breyer Law Offices, doing a teacher appreciation award, I knew I had to nominate her. During this time in Arizona, the RedForED movement was going strong. Teachers and advocates were gathered at the State Capitol every day. This got me thinking, it is easy to yell at others and tell them to do something. I pride myself in being a man of action, so in addition to nominating Mrs Tubbe, I committed to match that prize.

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Stephen Paul Photography’s

2018 Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Tubbe,

Legacy Traditional School, Laveen, AZ


One nomination per household. All duplicate nominations will be discarded. Nominees must teach within the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. All nominations must be submitted online on or before April 15, 2019. The winner will be chosen by a committee of donors, organized by Stephen Paul.   


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